Lorna Davelaar


Lorna Davelaar

Lorna Davelaar (Curaçao, 1994) is an associate lawyer at Soliana, Bonapart & Aardenburg.

She was sworn in as a lawyer in November 2016. She specializes in civil and criminal cases.


“There’s an enormous amount of knowledge in our office. We’re surrounded by specialists. As such, choosing this firm was an easy decision. Personally, I prefer being involved in a case from the get-go, but of course whenever I’m needed for an ongoing project, I step in to help. As colleagues we’re ready at all times to support one another whenever necessary. Ours is a close-knit team, which is certainly beneficial for the quality of our service.”


Lorna studied Dutch law at Leiden University, Netherlands.
She speaks Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu.

Her Practice Areas:

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